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Leading Supplier of Furniture Locks

Why choose Unico to supply your furniture locks?

We have been supplying a huge range of locks to the retail, trade and domestic markets for over 50 years. We work with a large number of leading lock manufacturers and offer Lehmann, Huwil, Siso and Lowe and Fletcher locks among others.

We pride ourself in our service ratings and our experienced staff are on hand to help source the correct furniture lock for you.

Our range of furniture locks

We stock and supply a massive range of locks from cupboard door locks, furniture locks to drawer locks, espagnolette locks to magnetic locks. We are confident that we can supply the furniture lock you require. 

Can't find the furniture lock you are looking for?

If you cannot find the type of door or furniture lock you are looking for, our staff are on hand to help with your specific requirements.  You can rest assured that you will receive a prompt and reliable service from an establised and proven lock supplier.

I don't know what door or furniture lock I need?

Simply contact us, we are on hand to help ensure you order the furniture lock that suits your individual needs, one of our experienced staff will be happy to provide help and advice.

Do you offer accounts to trade people?

We work with a large number of trade people, furniture manufacturers and designers, supplying single door cupboard or furniture locks to fulfilling bulk furniture lock orders. Get in touch with us directly to set up your trade account in just a few simple steps.

Questions we are often asked about door and furniture locks:

I am not sure which side of the door to fix a lock?

Right Hand (RH) lock is fixed to the left side of a right hand hung door. Left Hand (LH) lock is fixed to the right side of a left hand hung door.

What are Keyed Alike locks?

Keyed alike or Pass locks mean that the locks are supplied with the same key numbers e.g. If you order 10 Keyed Alike locks then all of the locks will have the same key number and the same key.

What does Differ Lock Mean?

Differ locks means that the locks are supplied with different key numbers e.g. If you order 10 Differ locks then all of the locks will be supplied with different key number and different keys.

What does Mastered Locks mean?

Mastered locks mean that there is a Master Key available for the specific locks which will open any lock in its related key range.

What does Non-mastered Locks mean?

Non-mastered locks simply mean that there is no Master Key available.

What does Removeable Cylinder mean?

Removable Cylinders means that the lock cylinder can be taken out and replaced with another cylinder by the same manufacturer.  The lock cylinders are supplied separately from the lock housings.

What does Key Retention mean?

Key Retention means that when the lock is in the open position the key cannot be removed

What are Suited Locks?

Suited locks are sets of locks with the same key number, where each set has a different key number e.g. You might order three of the same locks with key number 7601TA, two locks with key number 7602TA and five locks with key number 7603TA.  Each set of suited locks, if Mastered, could then be opened by one Master Key or just the key relating to the lock e.g. 7601TA. This is an excellent way of providing added security and access control.

Do you provide a Key Cutting service?

Key Cutting is available for Siso, Lehmann, Huwil and many other furniture lock brands.

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