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Espagnolette Locks & Accessories

What are Espagnolette Locks?

Espagnolette Locks have bars coming from the top and bottom of the lock that either push up and down or rotate to lock the door.  The locks can be either a two point or three point locking with the addition of a bolt on the lock.

Where are Espagnolette Locks used?

Espagnolette Locks are used in taller cabinets where a standard lock is not sufficient to lock the door.  

What fittings are required for an Espagnolette Lock?

For a rotating bar Espagnolette Lock you will require 1 x Espagnolette Lock, 2 x Hooks, 2 x Hook Saddles, 2 x Bar Saddles, 2 x Strikers and 1 x 2m Bar (cut to size).

Why Choose Unico for your Espagnolette Locks?

Whether you are looking for Espagnolette Locks with or withour a nozzle or with or without a shoot or bolt we can help.  We only supply Espagnolette Locks from leading manufacturers.

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