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Code Locks

What are Code Locks?

Code locks (dial locks or combination locks) provide a keyless locking solution to a number of applications including doors, drawers, cabinets and lockers. These can be fitted in locker rooms, workplaces, schools and transport hubs, anywhere where a keyless locking system may be considered as an alternative.

What are the advantages of code locks?

There are a number of advantages for choosing a keyless locking system:

  • No annoying keys
  • Better security
  • No key management
  • Simplified logisitcs
  • Keeping up with technology

For more details about the advantages of utilising code locks, read our blog by clicking here.

UK supplier for Lehmann Dial Locks

Lehmann are a leading manufacturer when it comes to dial locks. Their code locks are just as secure but with no key required. These code locks are a perfect solution with 9999 available combinations for a highly secure lock. 

Lehmann dial locks come in a range of styles, left and right hand models are available as well as horizontal and vertical fixing applications.

To ensure you choose the correct keyless locking system, get in touch with us. With over 40 years experience in supplying furniture fittings, you can rest assured that our team will always provide a friendly, prompt and reliable service.

To find out more about the benefits of choosing Lehmann Dial Locks, read our blog.

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