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Drawer Locks

Drawer Locks

What are Drawer Locks?

Drawer locks throw a bolt / tongue out to top of the lock allowing the drawer to be locked when closed.  Drawer locks can be used on any drawers where a locking point is available.  Drawer locks are supplied with different backsets and nozzle sizes and can be keyed alike, keyed to differ, mastered or non mastered.


Drawer Locks

Where are Drawer Locks used?

Drawer locks can be used in a number of applications particularly in cabinet / pedestal construction. The drawer lock can secure the drawer and requires a key for the drawer to be opened.  

Drawer locks are ideal for office environments as they allow you to lock private and confidential papers away securely. 

In addition to this, they are also suitable for homes, and can keep valuables or snacks out of reach of young children! In a similar way we mentioned before, they are perfect for home offices too as this means the private and confidential papers you store at home can be locked away in your drawer. 

Here at Unico, we would advise using drawer locks when it comes to protecting your possessions as this serves as double protection for the valuable items in your home or on your property.  Having as many deterrents to thieves as possible can only be a good thing.


Why Choose Unico for your Drawer Locks?

Whether you are looking for drawer locks to be used on a drawer or pedestal be it a Round, Square or Shield Shaped Drawer Lock, Keyed Alike or Keyed to Differ we can help. We only supply drawer locks from leading manufacturers.

No matter what type of drawer locks you decide to buy from us, we are price competitive and each of our components are quick and easy to install.

No matter which drawer locks you decide to choose from our range above, we can assure our customers they are buying quality at competitive prices.

Buy from us for fast, professional and reliable service if you’re looking for drawer locks! 


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