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Anti Tilt

Anti-Tilt System

Why choose an anti-tilt system?

If you are looking for a system where you can keep pedestals with multiple drawers locked with just one key and be able to prevent pedestals from tipping over then this is the system required. By using an anti-tilt system you can prevent more than one drawer being opened at any one time thus preventing it tilting over. The bars are available in different lengths so whether you have a 4 drawer filing cabinet or desk pedestal we will have a bar to suit. Bars can be either surface mounted and kept in place with saddles or rebated in and they can be kept in place by the installation of drawer runners and/or flat saddles.

What you will need for an anti-tilt system

You would need 1 bar, pedestal lock, trigger plate & pin per unit with an additional pin and guide block per drawer within the unit.

A plastic guide block fitted to the side of the filing drawer operates by moving the bar into the ‘up’ position, so locking the other drawers due to the locating pins. The bar is kept in position by a spring-loaded trigger plate.

The image below gives an overview on how the sytem is put together.

 Anti Tilt System


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