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ML Metal Hook Striker
ML Metal Hook Striker (Dimensions)

ML Metal Hook Striker

Product Code: ULO014100861

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Screw on Hook Striker

Screw On Hook Striker Measurements

Dimensions:  25.8mm x 21.5mm

Pin:  16.6mm x 7.5mm diameter

Material: Steel

Finish: Nickel plated

Manufactured by Lehmann


Screw On Hook Striker Description

Designed to be used with the espagnolette system and is used at the top & bottom of the cabinet enabling the hooks to turn around it and locking it.

Espagnolette locks is a generic name to describe a system that uses round bars to lock a cabinet at the top and bottom of a cabinet.  The lock when turned either with a key or turn handle will rotate the bars which in turn rotate the hooks around pins which are situated at the top & bottom of the cabinet.  Various locks can be used to rotate the bars.  The “D” bar which is a standard size bar and used throughout the industry comes in two lengths 100cm or 200cm to ensure you have the correct length.  The bar is also available in two finishes Nickel plated or Bronze plated.  The hooks, saddles & pins are also available in those two finishes.  All items are available individually so if one item is lost or broken there is no need to replace the entire system.

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