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Value Rim Lock
Value Rim Lock (Dimensions)

Value Rim Lock

Product Code: SLO042505061

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GTV Value Rim Lock

GTV Value Rim Lock Measurements

Dimensions:  40mm x 40mm

Nozzle:  19mm diameter x 21mm

Backset:  26mm

Key Range:  Differs

Non Mastered

Material:  Steel Lock Body

Finish:  Nickel Plated

Lock Screw Size: 4mm Csk (Not supplied)

Striker Screw Size: 3.5mm Csk (Not supplied)

Complete with 2 fob keys, Rosette & Angled Striker Plate

Manufactured by GTV


GTV Value Rim Lock Description

With a square backplate this drawer lock is suitable for all drawer fronts up to 21mm.  It has a backset of 26mm and with a tongue extending by 9mm is ideally used with an angled striker plate to secure behind. Available only as differs which are non-mastered.

Please note that spare keys for these locks are not available.

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