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Locking Bar with Two Pins 600mm

Locking Bar with Two Pins 600mm

Product Code: ULO016501360.

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Anti Tilt Bar 600mm

Anti Tilt Bar 600mm Measurements

Bar Length:  600mm

Pin Length:  55mm

Finish:  Zinc Plated

Manufacturer:  MLM Lehmann


Anti Tilt Bar 600mm Description

Locking bars are designed to fit on the side panels of drawer pedestals with a number of drawers.  Used in conjunction with pedestal locks, pins, trigger plates and guide blocks they will lock the pedestal as well as ensuring multiple drawers are not opened at the same time.  This will prevent the units from falling over if top heavy.  The bar is a "C" section so regardless of the drawer location a pin can screw into the bar at the correct height.  Available with pins or a flat bar at the top to enable all variations of pedestal locks to be used.  Various lengths of bar are available from 1200mm to 600mm but are easily cut to the correct length.

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