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Female Screw for M5 Thread

Female Screw for M5 Thread

Product Code: MKD506600060

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16mm Female Screw for M5 Thread

16mm Female Screw for M5 Thread Measurement

Screw : 5066

Length (B) : 16mm

Predrill : 6.4mm 

For use with MKD506500060 HERE

Manufactured by Modular Systems Inc

16mm Female Screw for M5 Thread Description

Designed for use when panels or shelves are required to be hung with no visible sign, router out a groove to the corresponding size of the clip on the back or side of the panel and using the shoulder screws available separately the panel can then be lowered on the clips giving a secure but hidden fixing

Mod-eez Clips are made of spring steel and feature a declining ramp that draws the clip & shoulder screw together. This flexible joint compensates for swelling and shrinking of the material ensuring a secure hold at all times. Various models available include Non-Locking, Semi-Locking and Locking clips with the shoulder screws available in lengths 12.5mm - 32mm

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