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Modeez Fasteners


What are Mod-eez Fasteners?

Mod-eez Clips & Screws are made of spring steel and feature a ramp that allows 2 parts to be clamped together. The flexible join absorbs shock & compensates for swelling & shrinking thus ensuring a strong secure hold can always be maintained.  A joint will consist of a Mod-eez fastener & surface mounted shoulder screw.


Where are Mod-eez Fasteners used?

Mod-eez Fasteners can be used on any application that requires hidden but secure fixing.  Typically used for bookcases, shelves and panels.


Why Choose Unico for your Mod-eez Fasteners?

Unico have been importing Mod-eez to the furniture industry, delivering on price and on time for over 30 years offering an unrivalled service.

Buy Mod-eez Fasteners from Unico for a fast, professional and reliable service.

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