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Studs for Bookcase Strip

What are Studs for Bookcase Strip?

Studs for Bookcase Strip (Shelf Strip or Tonk Strip) are slotted into Bookcase Strip to provide a base for shelves to rest onto.  They are removeable and therefore provide a flexlible solution for shelving systems.

Where are Studs for Bookcase Strip used?

Studs for Bookcase Strip are used with Bookcase Strip (Shelf Strip or Tonk Strip) to hold the shelves in bookcases or cupboards.  As they are not fixed they allow the shelves to be positioned to the users preference.

Why Choose Unico for your Studs for Bookcase Strip?

Unico have supplied Studs for Bookcase Strip to the furniture industry, delivering on price and on time for over 50 years offering an unrivalled service.

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