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Shelf Stud (Pack of 10) Brown
Shelf Stud (Pack of 10) Brown (Dimensions)

Shelf Stud (Pack of 10) Brown

Product Code: SSF102000005

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Brown Plastic Shelf Stud

Brown Plastic Shelf Stud Measurements

Peg Diameter: 5mm

Material: Plastic

Finish: Brown

Pack Size: 10pcs

Manufactured by Nehl

Brown Plastic Shelf Stud Description

Individual shelf studs are an ideal way when adjustable shelving is required in cabinets or bookcases, standard size holes of 5mm on most cabinets mean that if additional shelves are required or moved these shelf studs will give you the option. Due to the design of these they can be used either way and the central disc prevents the stud from being pushed in too far. Ideally used on shelves that have a rebate cut out for the shelf stud to fit in which prevents them slipping off. Available in brown or white.


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