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NP Table Cleat
NP Table Cleat (Dimensions)

NP Table Cleat

Product Code: UTF400000061

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Nickel Plated Table Cleat

Nickel Plated Table Cleat Measurements

Surface mounted.

Colour: Nickel Plated

60mm diameter.

Screw size 3.5mm Csk (Not supplied)

Nickel Plated Table Cleat Description

Circular table cleats are an ideal and discreet mechanism designed to hold two table leafs together as well as any applications where two flat horizontal sides need securing together. One half as two tabs and the other as one tab and by placing each half of the cleat on the edge the tabs will locate within each other preventing lateral movement, with a swift turn of the butterfly handle to rotate a clasp bringing the two edges closer together to provide a neat joint.

Available in a choice of two colours Matt Brass or Nickel Plated for either an antique or modern look

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