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Table Cleats

Supplier of Table Cleats

Why choose Unico to supply your Table Cleats?

With over 50 years’ experience of supplying quality furniture fittings to the retail, trade and domestic market, why choose anyone else! So, if you’re building or designing a new piece of furniture, we have the expertise to ensure you are supplied with the correct item to suit your needs. We supply to retail customers, tradesman or companies in various quantities.

What is a Table Cleat?

Table Cleats are a circular 2-part item which allow tables to be connected together securely and then pulled apart when not required. Each half is located on the table edge and is joined together by rotating the toggle securing both halves together

Where are Table Cleat used?

Table Cleats can be used in any environment that requires additional tables space at different times, the ability to increase or decrease table sizes or to have different configurations is paramount in modern offices and Table Cleats are the ideal solution.

Do you offer accounts to trade people?

We work with a large number of trade people, furniture manufacturers and designers, supplying single locks to fulfilling bulk orders. Get in touch with us directly to set up your trade account in just a few simple steps.

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