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R/H Huwil Rim Lock

R/H Huwil Rim Lock

Product Code: SLO042611940

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Huwil Rim Locks Bronze Plated R/H

Huwil Rim Locks Bronze Plated R/H Measurements

Backset : 20mm

Hand : RH

Colour: Bronze Plated

Material : Steel

Manufactured by Martin Lehmann

Keys sold seperately  here 

A right hand lock will sit on the left hand side of a door which is hinged on the right

Huwil Rim Locks Bronze Plated R/H Description

These bronze plated locks are right handed. A description to ensure you buy the correct handed lock is above. These locks screw on to the rear of the door and as such do not need to be rebated in. Used with a standard euro bit key which are sold separately here and where used predominately in wardrobes. These locks are an ideal replacement for the Huwil version of locks.


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