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Drawer Lock Housing 16.5mm
Drawer Lock Housing 16.5mm (Dimensions)

Drawer Lock Housing 16.5mm

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MLM Lehmann Drawer Lock Housing

MLM Lehmann Drawer lock Housing Measurements

Nozzle Diameter 16.5mm

Requires a 16.5mm cylinder HERE

Backset: 20mm

Finish: Nickel Plated

Material: Steel

Manufactured by MLM Lehmann

MLM Lehmann Drawer Lock Housing Description

Drawer lock housings are a great way of securing drawers. Turning the key will push a latch vertically. The latch is then secured through a slotted striker plate, angled striker plate or directly into the material. Turn the key back to release the latch. Supplied as a housing only and is compatible with all of the Martin Lehmann’s 16.5mm cylinders as well as the range of furniture handles.

MLM Lehmann housings are available in many different formats so whether you are looking for cam locks, drawer locks, espagnolette locks & glass door locks amongst others then MLM Lehmann’s housings are an ideal choice. All the housings are available with a barrel diameter of 16.5mm or 18mm with corresponding cylinders to match.


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