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Huwil Drawer Lock Housing
Huwil Drawer Lock Housing (Dimensions)

Huwil Drawer Lock Housing

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Huwil Drawer Lock Housing

Huwil Drawer Lock Housing Mesaurements

Dimensions:  43mm x 40mm lock body

Nozzle:  18mm diameter x 22.5mm

Backset:  20mm

Brand: Huwil

Finish:  Nickel Plated

Manufactured by Lehmann


Compatible with Huwil VCS18 cylinders which can be found HERE


Huwil Drawer Lock Housing Descripiton


Supplied as a housing only and is compatible with all of the Huwil VCS18 cylinders.  If you're faced with installing pedestal locks and cupboard locks in the same office environment but require the same key range to be used throughout than this is an ideal system. A fully intechangeable cylinder system that can be fitted afterwards and removed if required.  The VCS18 cylinders also offer suiting options to enable the same lock to be used but under various different Master Keys.

Cylinders are easily removed with a removal pin, line up the circular indentation on the cylinder face with the line on the barrel push the pin down and the cylinder is released.  The pins for removing the cylinder can be found HERE


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