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ML M410 Spring Bolt Lock & Keypad
ML M410 Spring Bolt Lock & Keypad (Dimensions)

ML M410 Spring Bolt Lock & Keypad

Product Code: ULO040030003

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Electronic Lock With Spring Bolt & Keypad Set

M410 Lock

Electronic Lock with spring loaded bolt

Ideal solution for hinge doors, flaps, single drawers and sliding doors 

Right / left mounting 

Increased security against tampering

Micro USB port for updates and configurations

1 battery Typ CR123A


Change of operating mode (assigned use / shared use) 

Integrated handle function

Adaptable identification with labelling clip 

Resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants

Automatic opening option in free code mode

Automatic locking option in fixed code mode 

3 colour, LED signal (red, yellow, green)

2-stage low battery power warning

Emergency power supply with commercially available 9V block battery

Firmware updates in combination with M410 / M610 locks


Set Contains: M410, keypad TA03, cover: black, frame: black, spring loaded bolt, fixing material, striker plate, bolt protector, removal pin, cable, battery


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