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Mifare1 Invisible Lock
Mifare1 Invisible Lock (Dimensions)

Mifare1 Invisible Lock

Product Code: SLO700000103

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Mifare1 Invisible Lock

Mifare1 Invisible Lock Measurements

Black ABS lock body case.

Operated by Mifare1 technology. (13,56 MHz)

Power supply by DC6V (4 x AA 1,5V alkaline batteries).

Working temperature: -15 – +65° Celsius.

Working humidity: <=90 %

Mifare1 Invisible Lock Description

Pre-coded to public mode. May be changed to private or office mode by use of programming buttons on the lock. 30 users may be programmed per lock. W/alarm function (may be switched off) Standalone lock. (No wiring needed) Invisible installation.

Signal goes through max. 20 mm wood/glass panels.

May be programmed to double key function

Suitable for companies, hotels, super market storage cabinets, schools, swim- & sauna bathing spots, golf courses & oilrigs. May be used for cabinet & sliding doors depending on striker used.




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