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ML NP 80 x 12mm Slotted Striker (Dimensions)

ML NP 80 x 12mm Slotted Striker

Product Code: ULO111000061

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Nickel Plated Central Slotted Striker

NP Central Slotted Striker Measurements

Length : 80mm

Width : 12mm

Slot Size: 32.5mm x 5mm

Finish:  Plated

Material : Steel 

Manufactured by Martin Lehmann

NP Central Slotted Striker Description

Used for numerous applications throughout the joinery division. Depending on the style they can be used for securing magnetic catches, bolts, cabinet doors and locks. The angled strike plate can be used for securing doors or drawers by giving the cam or latch a solid fixture to secure behind, flat slotted strikers are generally used with mortice locks which require a secure plate to which the hook can rotate into and rim locks where the latch just moves up & down, these are available in a choice of lengths & widths to cover all frame sizes.

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