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R/H Horizontal ECombi Lock
R/H Horizontal ECombi Lock (Dimensions)

R/H Horizontal ECombi Lock

Product Code: SLO146100103

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Horizontal R/H ECombi Lock

Horizontal R/H ECombi Lock Measurements

Right Handed Horizontal Installation

For material thickness: 12-22mm

Material: Zamak lock housing, black coating

Cam will turn 90 degrees

Powered by 1 x CR2450 battery (Supplied)

30,000 cycles 

Visual & audio warning on Low Voltage

Manufactured by SISO


Horizontal R/H ECombi Lock Accessories Supplied

1 x Lock Housing with turning knob

1 x 19 x 30mm thread body

1 x 40mm Flat cam

1 x Black rubber gasket

3 x M4 fixing screws

1 x Fixing Nut


Horizontal R/H ECombi Lock Description

Suitable for drawers, lockers, cabinets & wardrobes, can be switched between public & private mode. There are three levels of management; Master, Sub-Master & User.  The ECombi Digital Code Lock is locked using a four digit code.  The Master Code can be changed from the intial factory code providing extra security for the user.  

In private mode the ECombi Digital Code Lock will automatically reset to lock after being open for 3 seconds.  There is no need to re-enter the four digit code to lock the door.  Simply close the door and turn the knob to lock it.  Once set, the private code will remain the same unless changed using the Master Code.

In public mode the ECombi Digital Code Lock will remain open until a new code has been entered to lock the door.  Once the code is entered again (to open the door) it is completely cleared and the lock reverts to staying in the open position, ready for the next user.

If the battery has run down completely or the Master Code has been forgotten a Master Key can also be supplied.

The Logo Cover Cap on the front of the lock hides the Master Key slot.  The cover cap can be supplied as a blank black cover or for minimum quantities of between 50-100 locks can be supplied with your company logo on it.  Both of these options are supplied seperately.

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