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Cupboard Hanger LH

Cupboard Hanger LH

Product Code: SMI480500104

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Left Hand Cabinet Hanger

Left Hand Cabinet Hanger Measurements

Left Hand Bracket

Colour: White

Material: Steel & plastic

2 way adjustment

Material: Plastic body with steel hooks

Screw Size: 4.5mm Csk (Not supplied)

1 Cabinet requires: 1 x RH & LH Bracket and 2 Wall Plates

Left Hand Cabinet Hanger Description

Ideal for fitting cabinets to the wall, no other fittings required as this will take the weight of the cabinet. Fix 2 wall plates to the wall, affix the 2 brackets to the inside of the cabinet with the hooks protruding through the back. Place the hooks onto the wall plates, once the cabinet is in position by adjusting the 2 screws in the bracket you will be able to secure the cabinet in the correct position.

Requires a wall bracket plate here


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