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Fuerte System Dowels 84mm
Fuerte System Dowels 84mm (Dimensions)

Fuerte System Dowels 84mm

Product Code: UKD081400260

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Fuerte 84mm Dowel

Fuerte 84mm Dowel Measurements

Length: 84mm

Thread: M8

Material: Steel

Finish: Zinc Plated

Manufactured by Siso

Fuerte 84mm Dowel Description

This 84mm dowel usd in conjunction with a housing is a heavy duty connector particularly suitable for strong and secure assembly of beds, table frames, panels and cabinets. The housing with it is steel worm gear and hardened steel dowel ensures a permanent grip and continual tension and is locked into position in the side rail by simply turning an internal worm gear in the housing by means of a 6mm allen key

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