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System 'S' Hinged Pin 46.5mm  x 46.5mm
System 'S' Hinged Pin 46.5mm  x 46.5mm (Dimensions)

System 'S' Hinged Pin 46.5mm x 46.5mm

Product Code: UKD050900360

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System "S" Hinged Dowel Pin

System "S" Hinged Dowel Pin Measurements

Diameter: 7mm

Overall Length: 14mm

Colour: Zinc Plated

Material: Steel

Manufactured by Siso

System "S" Hinged Dowel Pin Description

Developed as an alternative to the traditional cam & dowel fixing whilst still being able to use the original holes so can be retro fitted without the need for additional drilling. Designed to be used with 16mm or 19mm panels with the dowel screw supplied with either a machine thread (M6) or euro thread so that it can be screw directly into the material via a 5mm pilot hole. Both the barrel & grub screw are finished in bronze and the grub screw as a slot for tightening up just below the neck of the steel dowel creating a permanent grip. Also available are a hinged dowel that can be used for any angle ranging from 90° to 180° & an extended dowel to be used with a centre panel.

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