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24mm x 11mm Excenter Bolt (Pack of 10)

24mm x 11mm Excenter Bolt (Pack of 10)

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24mm Bolts with EuroThread

24mm Bolts with Euro Thread Details

Euro Thread

Thread Length: 11mm

Thread Diameter: 6mm

Overall Length: 35mm

Pack Size: 10 pcs

Material: Steel

Finish: Zinc plated

24mm Bolts with Euro Thread Description

These 24mm bolts (the measurement is taken from the top of the bolt to the end of the body) are used in conjunction with cams and will ensure a tight and secure fitting between two sides.  Used throughout the furniture industry and are commonly used in self-assembly furniture. Various thread options are available this model supplied with a Euro thread enabling it to be screwed directly into a 5mm pilot hole.

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