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M6 Head / 15mm (Pack of 10)
M6 Head / 15mm (Pack of 10) (Dimensions)

M6 Head / 15mm (Pack of 10)

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Flat Slotted Head

Flat Slotted Head Measurements

Pack size: 10pcs

A: M6

B: 12.7mm

C: 15mm

D: 9mm

E: Slot

F: 20mm

Material: Brass

Flat Slotted Head Description

This product is used throughout the joinery division. Also known as a combi fix or sleeve nuts. Used in conjunction with threaded rods or bolts they are often used for securing beds together giving a more decorative finish or securing two units together to prevent any movement i.e. kitchen units . This version as a slot in the Allen head for fitting.


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