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Bracket / Slotted (Pack of 10)
Bracket / Slotted (Pack of 10) (Dimensions)

Bracket / Slotted (Pack of 10)

Product Code: SMI033900060

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Slotted Hole Angle Bracket

Slotted Hole Angle Bracket Measurements

A: 28mm

B: 25mm

C: 25mm

Pack size:  10pcs

Screw Size: 3mm Csk & 5mm pan (Not Supplied)

Finish: Zinc Plated

Material: Steel 

Slotted Hole Angle Bracket Description

90 degree right angle brackets are available in an assortment of sizes to cater for all solutions. Most brackets are available with a choice of round or slotted screw holes or a combination of both to allow for a greater degree of flexibility. These multipurpose brackets are used throughout the joinery division for securing two pieces at right angles.  



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