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95mm Bed Connectors 8pc
95mm Bed Connectors 8pc (Dimensions)

95mm Bed Connectors 8pc

Product Code: UKD800400019

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8 Piece Bed Fitting Set

Bed Fitting Set Measurements

4 x Male interlocking sections

4 x Female interlocking sections

Finish: Yellow Passivated

Material: Steel

Screw Size:  4mm Csk (Not supplied)

Manufacture by Siso

Bed Fitiings Set Description

Bed fitting sets are available in numerous variations to cover all options whether you are building or replacing lost parts.

This 8 piece set is ideally used on heavier framed beds and due to its simple design enables the bed to be assembled in a short space of time, by interlocking the surface mounted male and female sections which are attached to the bed frame and then securing both parts with a wood screw a secure fit can be achieved.


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