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Pull Down Rack Hinge


What are Pull Down Rack Hinges?

Pull Down Rack Hinges are a scissor hinge that with the addition of a board (not supplied) can be pulled down from beneath a wall mounted cabinet allowing books & tablets to be safely displayed.  This allows it to be viewed without cluttering up the worksurface.  An ideal solution if working from a menu as it prevents ingredients getting onto the book or tablet.

Where are Pull Down Rack Hinges used?

Pull Down Rack HInges are designed to be used below wall mounted kitchen cabinets but can be used on any horizontal service that allows the hinge to be pulled down.

Why Choose Unico for your Pull Down Rack Hinge?

Unico have supplied hinges to the furniture industry, delivering on price and on time for over 50 years offering an unrivalled service.

Buy from us for a fast, professional and reliable service.

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