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Lay on Hinges


What are Mignon Hinges?

Mignon hinges have been developed without the need for a cup allowing them to be used on thin doors. With a flat surface for both cabinet & frame they can be fitted easy and quickly. 

Where are Mignon Hinges used?

Mignon hinges can be used with any cabinet door up to a maximum thickness of 20mm. Developed initially for the caravan industry where the thin doors prevented deep holes being drilled to accomodate the cup, they were soon used throughout the home & work place as the hinge can  be used on Inset, Full-Overlay & Half-Overlay doors reducing the need to hold varioius hinges in stock.

Why Choose Unico for your Mignon Hinge?

Unico have supplied hinges to the furniture industry, delivering on price and on time for over 50 years offering an unrivalled service.

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