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Hinge Plate Repair Kit


What are Hinge Plate Repair Kits?

The Hinge Plate repair Kit fixes directly over the existing plate screwholes with the screws provided, if your screw holes have become enlarged and the screws no longer stay in then this is an ideal replacement as you no longer have to replace the cabinet. By using the plate and the screws provided the existing hinge plate can be screwed into the new plate creating a stable hold for the hinge to be connected.

Where are Hinge Plate Repair Plate Kits used?

Hinge Repair Plates can be used on any concealed hinge & fixing plate where the plate can no longer be screw into the cabinet.

Why Choose Unico for your Hinge Plate Repair Kits?

Unico have supplied hinges to the furniture industry, delivering on price and on time for over 40 years offering an unrivalled service, adding the repair kits to our range was a natural progression to ensure we could continue to offer our customers a first rate service.

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