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Fascia Fixing Bracket 80kg
Fascia Fixing Bracket 80kg (Dimensions)

Fascia Fixing Bracket 80kg

Product Code: SDF140000460

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Vertical Fascia Kit for 80kg Sliding Door System

Verical Fascia Fixing Kit Measurements

Bracket length 45mm

Bracket height 22mm

Maximum weight of each door is 80kg

Manufactured By Omge

Verical Fascia Fixing Kit Description

Designed so the track can be vertically mounted

Number of brackets required is dependant on the track length

150cm X 4 brackets

190cm X 5 brackets

230cm X 6 brackets

Sliding Door Track Overview

If you do not have the space for a conventional wardrobe door to be opened using hinges, then sliding door kits provide all the components that allow interior wardrobe doors to slide open. Hung from the top of the wardrobe this system can be retro fitted. By fixing two tracks parallel you can hang one door at the back and two in the front track so all parts of the wardrobe can be accessed. Supplied in three different lengths of track and kit fittings for heavier doors. With the addition of the facia fixing bracket you can hide the tack from view. One length of track is supplied with a kit for one door only. 

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