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Handle For Glass Sliding Door System
Handle For Glass Sliding Door System (Dimensions)

Handle For Glass Sliding Door System

Product Code: SDF857500165

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Handles for Glass Sliding Systems

Handle Measurements

Manufactured by HMT

This is part of the 6303 system and is not compatible with other systems

Sliding Glass System Overview

Glass sliding door systems are designed for 5-6mm glass, the top & bottom track and glass rails are all supplied in 5 meters lengths. Gasket is available to cushion the glass within the glass rail. A choice of two rollers are available which slot into the underneath of the glass rail and are supported either side by a rim running the length of the rail, a steel wheel roller that has a maximum weight capacity of 10 kg and a nylon wheel roller that has a weight capacity of 5 kg. These run on the bottom track. Once these are in place an endcap is available to cover the end. Rattle guards or silencers are also available for the top of the glass when it slots into the top track, this eliminates any lateral movement within the glass frame and allows a smooth run when it is opened. A handle is available that slots into the glass rail instead of the end cap. Also available are locks which also slot into the ends of the glass rail and are available keyed alike or to differ.

This system was initially manufactured by Huwil but more recently HMT.

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