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80mm Cable Grommet White
80mm Cable Grommet White (Dimensions)

80mm Cable Grommet White

Product Code: SDE330300004

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White 80mm Cable Grommets

White 80mm Cable Grommet Measurements 

Shape: Circular

C - Hole diameter size: 80mm

B - Overall diameter: 94mm

A - Depth: 22mm

Colour: White

Material: Plastic

White 80mm Cable Grommet Details

Cable grommets, cable ports or desk tidies as they are also known are available in various shapes from square, rectangular and circular with hole diameters ranging from 39mm to 80mm. Manufactured in plastic or steel with various colours available. Commonly used in office desks, media and television cabinets to ensure that cables are passed through safely and out of sight.

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