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Tutch Latches

What are Tutch Latches?

Tutch latches or, more commonly known as push to open catches, are an ideal choice if you are looking for a modern look with no handles.

Where are Tutch Latches used?

Tutch latches are placed just inside a cabinet door with enough movement for the door to be pushed back and the force of the spring loaded catch will push the door ajar. The striker plate (which is supplied seperately) will shut against the door and as the latch is magnetic will not open until pushed.

What types of Tutch Latches are there?

We supply auto Tutch latches which can be used on heavier doors or loft hatches, single or double magnetic tutch latches for cabinet doors and cupboard doors.

Why Choose Unico for your Tutch Latches?

We have been supplying tutch latches to trade and domestic customers for over 40 years and only supply tutch latches from leading manufacturers.

Buy tutch catches from Unico for fast, professional and reliable service.

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