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Siso MIC System


Siso MIC Lock System

If you require different locks in an office environment but all with the same key range then Siso’s MIC system is ideal. With numerous housing’s available from drawer, cupboard, cam and pedestal amongst others all housings come supplied with a rosette.

What cylinders are available for Siso MIC Lock System?

The cylinders available which come supplied with 2 fob keys can be purchased keyed alike (KA), differs or in sets and is available with a Master Key.

What housings are available for Sis MIC Lock System?

Housings can be purchased separately to the cylinders so if you have the need to change from differs to KA then by purchasing a cylinder removal key there is no need to replace the entire lock. All keys & cylinders are numbered so if you do need to replace the keys just make a note of the number and we can supply replacement keys.

Installation of cylinder into an empty lock body

1. Make sure that the arrow on the plastic plug points towards the lock tongue. If not in the correct position take a flat headed screwdriver and turn the plug to the correct position.

2. Once aligned remove the plug from the housing.

3. Remove the protective transparent cover from the cylinder.

4. Fully insert the cylinder into the housing.

5. Turn the key 90º & withdraw the key to complete installation.

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